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"" Waste Not a Moment "" 5 O'Clock (1984) 5 O'Clock is a concept watch that is part of the permanent collection of MOMA. Created by Tibor Kalman in 1984, Tibor Kalman, who is the founder in 1979 of M & Co, the legendary multi-disciplinary design agency. Kalman likes to remind us that every minute is important: "Waste not a moment," quote that is also engraved on the case of the watch. 5 Hours, it's time for the most important day, the time to stop working, time to go for a drink with friends and many other things, for you to find the right to celebrate the 5 O'clock. The manufacture of this watch is handcrafted with great attention, the block is made of a quality steel with a black finish produced by electrolysis. The leather strap is qualitative too, with a black face and a mole face double thickness. Dimensions Ø33 mm, Block stained black stainless steel electrolysis. Black leather strap 18 mm.

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